The Lazaretto Quarantine Station


The Lazaretto Quarantine Station

 The site of the Lazaretto Quarantine Station is situated just south of the Philadelphia International Airport, ten miles southwest of Philadelphia, along the Delaware River, in the industrial town of Essington, Pennsylvania, at Wanamaker Avenue (Route 420) and Second Street.

   The Lazaretto Quarantine Station is defined as the ten-acre Lazaretto Property, 1.32-acre Riverside Yacht Club Property, and the six-acre Government Property combined — essentially, the original overall site. Historically the structures on all properties worked in conjunction as the Lazaretto Quarantine Station. The Lazaretto Property, also referred to as the "Quarantine Station Proper," is the ten-acre parcel bound south by the Delaware River, east by residential properties, north by Second Street, and west by the Riverside Yacht Club and the six-acre Government Property, which is today the Lagoon, a restaurant, motel, and nightclub. This property was put up for sale in June of 2000 and quickly became the focus of preservation interest. In July of 2005, Tinicum Township purchased the Lazaretto Property for 3.1 million dollars. The Riverside Yacht Club Property was originally part of the Lazaretto Property, making it a total of 11.32 acres. Although, 1.32 acres was leased to the Riverside Yacht Club in 1937 and then eventually sold to them in 1939. Today it is bound south by the Delaware River, east by the Lazaretto Property, north by the same, and west by the Lagoon. The Government Property was historically a six-acre parcel bound east by the Lazaretto Property, north by Second Street, west by a hotel, and south by the Delaware River. The United States Government sold the property in 1951, after over 150 years of ownership, and it has changed title only twice more since that time. Through these transactions, it has been combined with the westerly lot, forming a 8.78-acre parcel, and is now bound west by the Governor Printz State Park. Today, the Government Property is occupied by the Lagoon and large parking lot.

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