Riverside Y.C. Affiliations

Delaware River Yachtsmen's League


 The D.R.Y.L. is the watchdog for the recreational boater on the Delaware River.   The organization was founded in 1914 with 5 clubs.  The D.R.Y.L. has grown to 36 clubs and 4 organizations and covers the boating area from the Delaware River in Trenton to the Cohansey River on the Delaware Bay and Lagoon View Yacht Club on Barrnaget Bay.    Its purpose is to promote true Yachtsmanship on the Delaware River , its tributaries and surrounding territory.  It shall work consistently for the benefit of its member clubs, and strive to make their activities successful.  It shall aid wherever possible, in the work for the better and cleaner waterways, better harbor conditions, proper channel markings, and work for better and safer boating laws.  It shall also create and maintain a fraternal spirit among its membership."  

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Assoc.


The C.B.Y.C.A.  is an association of yacht clubs, boating clubs, and marine associations located throughout the five-state Chesapeake Bay region and the District of Columbia. It is composed of dedicated uniformed volunteer men and women, who communicate, inform and work with legislatures and others to ensure member’s voices in each of the five states and District of Columbia are heard. Its purpose is to represent the interest of recreational boating at the national, state, and local levels of government, and to promote boating safety and education of its members and the general public.